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FEMPWR Boudoir

Portraits by Elizabeth Ashley

You are walking art

who deserves to be celebrated!

I’ve discovered that the most powerful healing happens when you receive unwavering support and encouragement from people who genuinely care about your well-being.

Throughout my personal and spiritual journey, I've experienced various stages of self-love. One tool that has immensely helped me in appreciating my inner beauty is photography. Each image captures a unique emotion, making it an incredibly empowering experience for every individual.

It took me years to feel comfortable and confident in my own body. Through this process, I've come to realize that we are all walking art. Every one of us is beautifully unique, and that's where true beauty lies.

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My intention is to create a loving and safe space for you to explore the different aspects of your internal world. To provide an opportunity for you to reconnect with your feminine essence and tap into your innate feminine power.

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Are you ready to unleash your

inner bombshell

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& ooze self-confidence?

What clients

have to say

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“Thank god! An opportunity to express yourself. As a mom of two littles, I’ve been fighting to rediscover myself and find what now defines me, aside from motherhood. Working with Liz has absolutely been a highlight on the journey back to self. The session was therapeutic all on its own. And I now have dozens of beautiful images to remind myself of the power and sensuality that are innate within me. I can’t recommend her skills enough. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable setting to have professional photos taken, or an experience with your deeper self, this is it.”


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“My time with Elizabeth was unique and heart opening. She held such a sacred safe space for me to feel free in my body. What a true gift she has capuring the divine feminine in each woman she photographs.”

-Tara Tatangelo

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“My time with Liz was the absolute best. This was way out of my comfort zone, and she made me feel so comfortable & confident.

I had such a fun time, the vibes were all the way on. Treat yourself to something really special and book a session!”


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Let’s create something beautiful together!

a celebration of femininity, sensuality, and confidence.

You are worthy of love, respect, and admiration. Your body, no matter what stage it's at, is a canvas for self-expression and creativity.

Answers to your Faq’s

What to Wear: Tips for a Successful Session

Wondering what to wear for your session? The choice is entirely up to you! You can opt for fancy lingerie or slip into those killer heels that make you feel unstoppable. Alternatively, a comfy oversized t-shirt might be just what you need. Whatever you choose to wear, it's essential that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the session. Let's have some fun while exploring new possibilities!

Hair and Makeup: Your Choice

At our session, you don't need to worry about hair and makeup. I believe that you are perfect just the way you are! You should feel empowered to express yourself in whatever style you feel most comfortable in. My goal is to capture your inner essence, whether you prefer a glamorous or natural look.

Session Duration + Image Delivery Time

During our session, we'll work together to create three to four unique looks, which should take about two hours. Within three to seven days of the session, you'll receive fully edited digital images to cherish for years to come!

Studio Location?

I offer tailored sessions in multiple locations with different vibes to choose from. Depending on your preferences, we can work together to book the perfect spot. The locations are mostly in Downtown Los Angeles or Long Beach, CA.

Do you have more questions? Let’s chat!

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